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Our Team

Meet the team at Fekete & Iezzi Executive Advisors. We’ve all had very different lives and careers and we come from different industries and professions. What unites us is our positive attitude and our sincere interest in people. We’re coaches with a passion and we’ve experienced for ourselves just what coaching can do.

As a team who are also qualified Systemic Business Coaches, we apply our multiple skills to assist you to successfully achieve your goals.

We look forward to getting to know you in person – here are some introductory details about us!

Ansgar Christoph Ollig

Senior Advisor to FIEA

In my 20-year-plus career as a manager in different businesses in Germany and abroad, I have supported many of my colleagues in their professional and sometimes personal development. I am especially interested in issues around purpose and meaning, and why things are the way they are – questions asked by many junior employees, but which companies rarely answer.
“You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself.”

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Ernst Hübner

Certified Systemic Business Coach
Master's in Psychology
Certified Practitioner for the HBDI

In over 30 years of experience in international HR management in very different industries, companies and cultures, I have managed local, regional and global teams and supervised the development of new structures and international branches. My focus has always been on the human factor. Encouraging, supporting and developing people in constantly changing organisations is my passion as a coach, mentor and consultant. My work with and for you is based on values and characterised by empathy, dependability and an orientation around goals.

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Holger Kleszka

Certified Systemic Business Coach
HR Professional

An experienced personality who’s ready to be your coaching, reflection and sparring partner. My work is all about clarity, pragmatism, and a sense of what is feasible. As a manager, I’ve always lived by a philosophy of “Strengthen your strengths – and find creative solutions for what you’re not so good at.”

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Marco Iezzi

Certified Systemic Business Coach
Master's in Business Administration
Graduate in Strategic Change Management,
Kellogg School of Management

With over 12 years’ experience in the financial sector and banking industry, I have supervised change processes in numerous companies. My career has led me not only to Germany, but also many other countries in Europe, Northern America, and Africa. Everywhere I went, I noticed just how much people are the decisive factors in the success of change processes. My focus is you.

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Saskia Stöhr

Certified Systemic Business Coach
Coach (dvct)
Change Manager

As a change manager, I know just how much change can demand of people personally. I would be delighted to accompany you in the in-depth (re)discovery, application and development of your potential. In our work together, you will experience me as appreciative, direct, creatively inspiring and flexible.

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Dr. Sebastian Klemstein

Certified Systemic Business Coach
Form. Head of Intensive Care
Master of Disaster Management and Risk Governance

Scientific training applied daily in a difficult decision-making environment. With over 15 years’ professional experience in various medical specialties in Germany, Austria and Malaysia, I am acquainted with a range of complex systems. I would like to share with you my experience as a perspective changer and walk with you on your path to change.

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Tony Fekete

Certified Systemic Business Coach
B.Sc Edinburgh University, Diploma in Law, London
Certified Cross-Cultural Coach

I have over 35 years of international experience, primarily in banking and financial services. I have lived in numerous countries in Europe and the Middle East and have been on the board of various multinational subsidiaries. My passion throughout has been understanding the languages and cultures of these countries, and it is this interest that has formed the basis for my specialising in intercultural communication.

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Juliane Tobeck-Fekete

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
DVNLP-certified trainer for Neurolinguistic Programming
Mind TV Visualization Coach
Supervisor DGSv
body`n brain trainer

My mission is to support young people and adults in developing their potential and by this increasing their happiness in life.

To my clients I want to serve as a catalyst to activate all the wonderful qualities within them - especially those that bring them joy. Because in my opinion, the purpose of our existence is to find the task that suits us and that fills us with a great satisfaction.

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