Saskia Stöhr

Certified Systemic Business Coach
Coach (dvct)
Change Manager

As a change manager, I know just how much change can demand of people personally. I would be delighted to accompany you in the in-depth (re)discovery, application and development of your potential. In our work together, you will experience me as appreciative, direct, creatively inspiring and flexible.


The cornerstone of my work is accompanying people in change processes involving the most diverse issues and in the most diverse organisational structures.

It all began when I was tasked with developing internal and external corporate communications for a transport and logistics service provider. I quickly realised that it takes more than just communication to achieve sustainable, successful change. I attended seminars to build up my change skills and succeeded in establishing change management at the company (1,000 employees) as a project consultant (project marketing & change management). I was responsible for developing change measures derived from an analysis phase, and for implementing and monitoring change initiatives, including performance measurement. All this guaranteed the success of lasting changes.

With the knowledge and experience I gained, I expanded my personal and professional skillset and took over the development of an international customer service team for top clients in the steel industry. Building this team went hand in hand with implementing a new business model. Because of that, I was able to do a practical check of how much time was left in everyday management for the implementation of changes. I was also responsible for developing and introducing market- and customer-oriented product and sales concepts.

I am now a change manager at an international engineering and consulting company, a position in which I head up several change projects. The focus at the moment is on process optimisation and increasing competitiveness. One of things this involves is building up change management for the company (4,900 employees) in a governance role. One of the first products has been a change standard, which is now being introduced in the organisation. I design and run change seminars for staff and managers, and I design empowerment formats to prepare these two target groups for a new culture of feedback and performance.

Weitere Qualifikationen

  • Certified systemic business coach (Quadriga University Berlin)
  • Certified eCoach (online coaching)
  • Process consulting (Maiakademie), architectures and methods in (cultural) development processes, change designs and methods of process consulting in and between groups
  • Facilitator training
  • Technical and leadership training within groups
  • Training licence

My interests



Hobbies and Private Matters

Jumping fitness, reading, walks and outings in the countryside with my family and our little dog


dvct – German Association for Coaching and Training

Personal Motto

“The secret to change is to focus all your energy on building the new rather than fighting the old.”

What I offer

Personal Coaching

The volatility all around us means it is important for us to know our resources and be able to manage them well. I would like to support you in moving away from problems and towards solutions, so that we can develop your effectiveness through guided self-management in your change process. The basis for this is focusing on you as a person. We will work together to rediscover, strengthen and expand your potential, so that you can successfully resolve things using your own resources.

Team Coaching

I offer process-oriented team coaching tailored to your needs.
When I work with teams, I begin by analysing their current situation, after which it is particularly important to me to work on their concerns so that we get to the bottom of the things behind the issues. This transparency enables your team to develop new inspiration and solutions and emerge strengthened from the learning phase. Your team will learn to master challenges, because team coaching will help them get to know each other better, recognise communication patterns, and consider everyone’s needs and strengths. This in turn brings new productivity and creativity that allows you to move forward as a team and achieve your goals.

Career Coaching

If you want to find new inspiration in your career, further your own development or make an important decision about the direction you are going in, then career coaching can give you clarity.
It is worth taking a closer look at the compatibility between your personality and profession, so you can move forward in a coherent direction. Work is experienced as meaningful if it corresponds to a person’s personal motives and needs. I would be delighted to help you achieve that.

Training, Mentoring and Sparring

Training gives you new skills. It builds on your existing strengths and needs. I will gladly support you in your professional training, and I’m available for behavioural training too. That can help you change behaviour patterns. The aim is to integrate the things you learn into everyday professional and private life. I will use my professional and methodological knowledge to accompany you in your learning goals, helping you to initiate changes and supporting you in them.

With your goals in mind, I can design flexible and instructive training courses that incorporate the importance of group dynamic processes. By sparring with me, you will gain clarity and develop incentives to plan and successfully implement your next steps.

Change Management

It is essential to support change properly in order to strengthen the performance of an organisation and enhance the development of its individual members. I will help you to analyse your change situation, so that you can assess the actual impact of your change project, work out how much time and resources you need, and develop the change activities involved. It is important to consider engagement formats and develop a convincing rationale and emotional change story, which you then can use to inform stakeholders and build lasting motivation. I will of course be by your side in the action phase, and I’ll help you regularly review effectiveness.

Your focus is on improving organisational performance to achieve your organisation’s strategic and economic goals, and on enhancing the quality of your staff’s professional lives.