Ernst Hübner

Certified Systemic Business Coach
Master's in Psychology
Certified Practitioner for the HBDI

In over 30 years of experience in international HR management in very different industries, companies and cultures, I have managed local, regional and global teams and supervised the development of new structures and international branches. My focus has always been on the human factor. Encouraging, supporting and developing people in constantly changing organisations is my passion as a coach, mentor and consultant. My work with and for you is based on values and characterised by empathy, dependability and an orientation around goals.


My own career and personal life have seen many changes – intentional and otherwise – so I wanted to use my experience to help and support and coach individuals and teams in their own challenges and development.

Throughout my career, I have worked on the principles of trust, respect and appreciation, and I have gained a reputation as an efficient problem-solver equipped with empathy, foresight and a good understanding of commercial and business relationships.

I studied psychology with a focus on work and organisational psychology, and business administration was my minor, so it seemed logical to go into personnel management. My career led me to various companies in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. I have worked for German corporations and family-run businesses, and I’ve spent years at American multinationals, mostly with regional responsibility for EMEA and India but also with overall responsibility for human resources. I have also worked for some years as an honorary labour court judge at industrial tribunals in Frankfurt and Solingen.

I have enjoyed my career in HR a lot, but my personal focus shifted significantly over the years, away from organisations as a whole and towards the individuals in them. That is why I trained to become a certified systemic business coach (Quadriga University, Berlin), a certified eCoach and a psychological consultant at AAP, Vienna. That allowed me to acquire comprehensive theoretical knowledge to back up my passion for working with people and for people – knowledge which would enable me to work to the highest ethical standards and values. This, combined with a good measure of empathy which allows me to appreciate the emotional situation of my clients, enables me to offer a unique coaching experience, tailored precisely to your needs.

My interests


German, English

Hobbies and Private Matters

Motorcycling, skiing, hiking, life coaching and social counselling


dvct – German Association of Coaching and Training
ICF – International Coaching Federation

What I offer

Personal Coaching

As your personal coach, I will dedicate my entire expertise and empathy to guide you as you find the best solutions for managing challenges and changes. These may include challenges from your personal and private life, in which you may have become stuck or trapped in your own thinking. In the end it is always about strengthening your strengths and harnessing and stimulating your resilience and mental power to give you confidence in the face of change.

Team Coaching

Team coaching always begins with the individuals that make up the team, and their personal values, tendencies and ways of working, which all lead to unique dynamic processes in the group.
Combining all this information forms the basis for setting a team development process into motion, and for going through the stages essential to improving the team’s cohesion and therefore its performance.

An important tool for recording the individual preferences of different members of the team, and the team as a whole, is HBDI individual, pair and team profiling.

Career Change Coaching

Irrespective of why you want or have to change something in your career – whether it be a new position within your company, the loss of your job, or making plans for the next step of your career – I will support you throughout to find your personal best next step. I know from my own experience the emotional toll periods of uncertainty can take, so I’m capable of helping you strengthen your mental determination, giving you the self-confidence you need to make the right decisions.

Staff and Management Consultancy and Training

Because of my extensive international experience, I can help you and your HR team to develop customised concepts for any aspect of personnel. That includes leadership and coaching training for you and your management, and remuneration systems for your managers and staff that reward the successes which move your business forward. Other themes are selection and evaluation, succession planning, supervising new management, and HBDI individual, pair and team profiling.

Support in setting up international branches

During my extensive work in international HR management, I was responsible for setting up branch offices in the Middle East and Africa and for developing and implementing their HR systems. This means I can offer your HR team expertise and process knowledge.

If you need help with other coaching or staffing matters, please speak to me and we can discuss arrangements for developing tailor-made programmes and concepts for your organisation.