Holger Kleszka

Certified Systemic Business Coach
HR Professional

An experienced personality who’s ready to be your coaching, reflection and sparring partner. My work is all about clarity, pragmatism, and a sense of what is feasible. As a manager, I’ve always lived by a philosophy of “Strengthen your strengths – and find creative solutions for what you’re not so good at.”


Rapid change in the world of work, social challenges, perceived demands – all these shape our everyday lives in a dynamic, complex way and have evolved into a state of perpetual competition. The private and professional aspects of life are becoming increasingly blurred. Demands around the New Work paradigm, alternative life models, meaning and purpose – all these are things you need to actively engage with. My intent is to support you personally, or your business, as a coaching, reflection and sparring partner. For me, providing confidential, ambitious support in transformation processes, and guiding a change of perspective, are inner affairs. My creative drive and positive guidance create space and allow me to introduce new ideas that give new impetus to your behaviour patterns and activities.

In a management context, I’ve always lived by a philosophy of “Strengthen your strengths – and find creative solutions for what you’re not so good at.” This approach will rub off on you, providing new energy for your business and forming a strong foundation for the time we spend reflecting together.

I’ve tasted the intensity of the corporate world and its hierarchical structures. I’ve been an expat. I’ve been a manager, a consultant, a mentor. But I’m also a husband, father and friend. And as a mature person, I can view your concerns with appropriate understanding.

People who know me or have worked with me describe me as having integrity and being creative, goal-oriented, emotionally intelligent, persevering and decisive – with a keen sense of what is feasible. Personally, I would add pragmatic, unafraid to take a position, and thoughtful.

I am currently Head of Executive HR and Managing Director of an intragroup business. In the past, I’ve demonstrated my abilities in executive HR positions at home and abroad and proven myself as an expert. To round off my profile, I work on the scientific advisory board at the Institute for Business Education at the University of Leipzig, take evening courses and study at ESMT/Berlin, Quadriga University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Kienbaum audits and management training.

My interests



Hobbies and Private Matters

Twentieth century art
Creative, passionate cook

Born in the Ruhrgebiet in 1963.

I’m married, I have a daughter and I live in Essen. I enjoy art (both as a viewer and as an artist), and I love cooking – creative cooking: creatively trying out and coming up with new things that aren’t in any cookbook.

What I offer


Career coaching

Reflection on location

Sparring on operational leadership themes

Preparation for hierarchy changes (not just onboarding)

Life phase-oriented coaching