Ansgar Christoph Ollig

Senior Advisor to FIEA

In my 20-year-plus career as a manager in different businesses in Germany and abroad, I have supported many of my colleagues in their professional and sometimes personal development. I am especially interested in issues around purpose and meaning, and why things are the way they are – questions asked by many junior employees, but which companies rarely answer.
“You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself.”

Inspiring other people is what inspires me

I grew up in the USA, UK and Germany. I studied Industrial Engineering and Area Studies in London. My professional career took me from London, on to various managerial positions at Hewlett Packard in Böblingen, and then to Leitz-Acco Brands in Stuttgart, where I was sales director.

Consultancy, project management, sales and employee management are my industry expertise. Managing and supervising organisational change processes has become an important part of my work in recent years. That is why I entered the Strategic Change Management programme at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

Achievements, new challenges, variety and change are what drive me and give me energy and a zest for life. Inspiring other people is what inspires me. That in turn is why I trained as a Systemic Business Coach at Quadriga University, Berlin, and became a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

If you want to change, we should talk.
I’ll be your biggest fan on your journey to change.

My interests


German, English (second mother tongue)

Hobbies and Private Matters

Married with one son. Sailing, hiking and reading are my passions.

What I offer

Systemic Coaching

We’ll work on specific issues with the goal of achieving a good outcome for you. Topics for coaching can arise in many different areas of life, such as your career, organisation (business coaching) and your private life (personal coaching).

Business coaching focuses on your professional development (career coaching) or the development of your team (team coaching). Communication and conflict resolution play an important role in an organisational context. Your professional development will centre on identifying your strengths, skills and interests. We’ll identify development potential and work towards realising it. In this context, I also offer diagnostic techniques for determining where you are now, such as BIP (Business-focussed Inventory of Personality).

In personal coaching, the focus is on work-life balance, life planning, shaping relationships, managing stress and finding your identity.

In all of this, I rely on over a decade’s experience as a manager, combined with my training as a systemic coach and my own journey of personal development and identity-finding. This includes my experience in Zen meditation, which I have practised for 15 years.

Strategic Change-Management

Change has been a constant throughout my career. I have over 20 years’ experience in various businesses, from a small company to a US corporation, to an SME and back to a US corporation. Restructurings, acquisitions and mergers have shaped who I am today. As a young manager, I had to carry out restructuring – today I design and manage it.

Aside from my practical experience, I acquired a valuable tool kit for change processes when I studied Strategic Change Management as part of the Executive Education programme at the Kellogg School of Management. I look forward to supporting you and your company in your change projects.