Dr. Sebastian Klemstein

Certified Systemic Business Coach
Form. Head of Intensive Care
Master of Disaster Management and Risk Governance

Scientific training applied daily in a difficult decision-making environment. With over 15 years’ professional experience in various medical specialties in Germany, Austria and Malaysia, I am acquainted with a range of complex systems. I would like to share with you my experience as a perspective changer and walk with you on your path to change.

It depends on how you see it

“If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.“
(Henry Ford)

My professional background is in human medicine. After my studies, I trained to become a doctor at Charité, Berlin, and pursued a classical career trajectory in various managerial positions all the way to my current role of Chief Medical Officer.

In my career as a doctor, I have often advised people through difficult times, listened to them and learned the right questions to ask. These qualities are invaluable in my current executive position. Aside from medical expertise, my work demands extensive knowledge of the complex operation of the health system, including its various forms of funding.

As well as medicine, I am interested in crisis management and decision-making in challenging situations. I studied crisis management and risk analysis part-time at the University of Bonn, graduating with a Masters in Disaster Management and Risk Governance.

I satisfy my thirst for knowledge at the Institute of Organisational Development at Steinbeis University, Berlin, where I am taking a part-time certification course in Healthcare
Leadership and Change Management.

My personal understanding of leadership – and my response to management in today’s VUCA world – is to facilitate my colleagues’ skills and expertise. I am firmly convinced that by boosting intrinsic motivation, we can foster a commitment to perform.

My interests


German (native)

Hobbies and Private Matters

Travelling, especially to World Heritage Sites, diving

Association Memberships

dvct – German Association of Coaching and Training
Honorary judge at the Professional Court for the Health Professions

Personal Motto

Pause, admire and be amazed

What I offer

The way I understand coaching is influenced by the philosophy of constructivism. Professional and personal challenges are strongly influenced by our inner attitudes and beliefs. Everyone tries to overcome challenges in their own way. I will help you to reflect on and enhance your own way of surmounting them.

A systemic approach can be employed to focus and adapt coping and solution strategies from other areas of life. My tools of the trade are careful listening and different interventions. As a doctor in a field full of existential issues, I have learned how to ask the right questions.

Individual Coaching

Entscheidungen basieren auf der Abwägung Decisions are based on weighing up potential harms and benefits. In individual coaching sessions, I aim to help you reflect on the benefits for you personally of deciding to do something or refrain from it. This makes the decision-making process conscious and easier to embrace. The focus is on your personal strengths.

Coaching with a Focus on Change Management

Change is a part of life. We can only change processes and therefore outcomes by changing our perspective. I would like to help you to question your own point of view and reflect on the options open to you. We will use iterative models of change with orientation and reflection phases to initiate processes, then evaluate them in terms of a desired outcome. These systemic loops encourage you to observe and analyse events and to adjust things as and when needed.

Onboarding – the initial impact

I am especially keen on integrating new colleagues into teams. The first impression, the first points of contact with a new firm or department are what shape the road ahead. Good onboarding helps you see yourself as part of a new unit and add value to the whole team. Onboarding executives is especially important.

A candle can only kindle a flame in others if it is itself alight.

Sparring Partner and Mentoring

I would like to guide you on your own journey as a personal consultant and motivator. A reflective discussion can help consolidate your own views and decisions.