Marco Iezzi

Certified Systemic Business Coach
Master's in Business Administration
Graduate in Strategic Change Management,
Kellogg School of Management

With over 12 years’ experience in the financial sector and banking industry, I have supervised change processes in numerous companies. My career has led me not only to Germany, but also many other countries in Europe, Northern America, and Africa. Everywhere I went, I noticed just how much people are the decisive factors in the success of change processes. My focus is you.

Achieving goals through change

As an individual who faces new and unknown challenges constantly, change has become more than a necessity – it has become a way of life. A way that serves as a path to master the challenges and to achieve new goals. In my personal life as well as in my professional career I was able to gain a lot of international experience. My interest in different cultures, individuals, and systems allowed me to adapt well to different situations and to find my own way.

After training as a banker, I studied business management and economics, as well as intercultural management and sociology, which led me to Germany and Canada.

Stages of my professional career in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Canada and South Africa were with the German Central Bank, investment funds and family offices (asset class: renewable energy), as well as various management consultancies. Following my creative drive, I founded my own consultancy firm and invested in various start-ups.

At a certain point it became clear to me that I wanted to shift my focus in life, from things to people – and what drives them. That’s why I decided to re-orientate my career and become a business coach and change manager. It is my personal priority to accompany you on your own journey and support you as you turn challenges and periods of change into your own success.

My interests


German, English, Italian

Hobbies and Private Matters

Travelling, my family, writing with fountain pens, triathlon, cycling, reading

Memberships of Associations

ICF – International Coaching Federation
dvct – German Association of Coaching and Training

Personal Motto

“Risk something or forever sit with your dreams.”
(Herb Brooks)

What I offer

Systemic Coaching

In my systemic coaching, everything revolves around you and your objectives. Professional and personal topics are often interconnected, which is why I combine business coaching with life coaching. If something is affecting your environment or your colleagues as well as you, we can work together to focus on the issues and find solutions in team coaching.

Coaching a team or an organisational unit begins by identifying the biggest challenges facing the group. Often very different personality types can be found in one team, so it is firstly important to encourage mutual trust. That’s why I work very closely with members of the team so that together we can find a way to overcome changes successfully.

Do you want to take the next step in your personal development? Or are you at a point where changes need to be made? In my career coaching, I help you to analyse your situation and find out what you really want, professionally, before you set new goals for yourself.
Then we work out a plan for achieving these goals and set it in motion, together.

Intercultural Coaching

I have dual nationality and I grew up in an international environment, so I’m aware of the positive aspects of cultural diversity as well as the challenges it brings. Because of differing values and beliefs, it is often difficult for us to integrate or even be accepted. In intercultural coaching, we look at you and your surroundings to identify possible differences and changing requirements. That becomes the cornerstone for developing a strategy that lets you achieve your goals. One of the approaches I use for this as an intercultural coach is ICBI (Intercultural Blueprint Indicator).

Mentoring and Sparring

Sometimes we need to discuss and evaluate ideas before putting them into practice and taking risks. As a mentor and sparring partner for entrepreneurs and people who want to learn how to think entrepreneurially, I challenge you to represent your ideas while giving you fresh impetus for your development. Benefit from my wealth of experience in different industries, countries and cultures – from managing complex projects to founding and running businesses.

Strategic Change Management

Planning and implementing change was my main focus for over 12 years. From my own experiences, both personal and professional, I know just how many challenges change can bring for organisations and the people in them.

As a company founder and management consultant, I possess plenty of experience in change. And as a graduate in Strategic Change Management at the Kellogg School of Management, I have developed valuable, methodical approaches to support you and your company through periods of transformation.