Juliane Tobeck-Fekete

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
DVNLP-certified trainer for Neurolinguistic Programming
Mind TV Visualization Coach
Supervisor DGSv
body`n brain trainer

My mission is to support young people and adults in developing their potential and by this increasing their happiness in life.

To my clients I want to serve as a catalyst to activate all the wonderful qualities within them - especially those that bring them joy. Because in my opinion, the purpose of our existence is to find the task that suits us and that fills us with a great satisfaction.

You are unique

Each individual is absolutely unique with his or her talents, life experiences, cultural and family background, and values. Supporting my clients to discover their unique set of gifts is my concern. Working out with them which goals they would like to set for the future course of their lives, what changes they would like to see and how they can create lasting motivation to realize their potential are core topics of my coaching. Sometimes, however, it is also about getting rid of annoying habits and establishing good ones or about increasing self-esteem. And often everything is connected somehow.

My interests



Personal Interests

Learning to play the piano
Reading (biographies and reference books on neuroscience, psychology and nutrition).

What I offer


You will become more aware of many things about your behaviour and that of your fellow human beings during coaching. Bringing something into consciousness and looking at it from different perspectives sets change processes in motion. You will also learn methods to program your brain so that you can control your reactions and improve your performance, no matter in which area of life. I like to use visualization techniques for this. We dream in pictures and we react unconsciously to inner images. The great thing is, we can transform the inner images to help us achieve our desired change.

I am a teacher for happiness, body'n brain trainer, mother of a teenage girl, wife, daughter, and sister. For many years I worked in adult education. For more than 20 years I have been concerned with what makes people happy. A big part of this is brain health, because that is where happiness comes from. Through visualization techniques, brain health can actually be positively influenced as well as through healthy habits, of course. As a body'n brain trainer, in addition to coaching, I can give you very practical tips on how to better support the interconnectedness of your brain and what you can do to lovingly challenge and nurture your brain.

I look forward to getting to know you in your uniqueness!