25. November 2021
  Ernst Hübner

Why worry?

Recently a former colleague of mine posted a picture on his LinkedIn account.
My first reaction: Great, easy, simple, and so true!!!

So I downloaded it right away on my computer and thought about to paint it on a wall in my office/practice rooms.

Today I opened it coincidentally on my laptop and started thinking about it.
It is still great, easy, simple, and true, but it has that YES in the center of the picture.
What is needed that you don’t have to worry when doing something about a problem in your life?
This is the chain of arrows you are having an influence on.

If you are self-confident enough you can say “THEN WHY WORRY”. It is all under your control and up to you to make it work,
BUT how can you always be sure to do the right things, not creating new problems you may have to deal with when trying to solve current problems?

This YES in the middle is where we as coaches can come into play and support!
We will not tell you what you can do about your problem, BUT we want to help you to find the right YES for yourself, in your environment (system) in your individual and very personal situation, by asking the right questions in a process that gives you confidence and safety to take the right action “WITHOUT HAVING TO WORRY”.

Any thoughts about it?

It would be great to discuss about your thoughts, comments and ideas.
I am looking forward to receiving your feedback.

Ernst Hübner